GenoProof Mixture – A Complete Solution for Complex Forensic DNA Samples

GenoProof Mixture is an expert system for the analysis of forensic samples and complex DNA mixtures that covers the entire evaluation process.
Your workflow starts with the analysis of raw data directly from the sequencer. Based on the EasyRead Technology, raw data analysis in GenoProof Mixture enables to read in almost any file without any manually adjustments and to conduct of high throughput analyses. With it, GenoProof Mixture is an excellent alternative to ABI GeneMapper software saving costs and time for an additional software for raw data analysis.
An unique graphical user interface has been especially developed in order to optimize the presentation and processing of electropherograms.

The results of the raw data analysis can be used for biostatistical calculations such as proof of identity, RMNE-method or likelihood quotient. The calculations are supported by a reference data base which provides allele frequencies for different populations.
At the end, the computation results can be presented in different types of reports. The workflow is accompanied by a comprehensive data management as well as special functionalities for quality assurance


Calculate up to date!

Consider drop-in and drop-out probabilities during likelihood ratio calculation according to ISFG recommendations (2012) in GenoProof Mixture. Additionally, theta value θ for subpopulations can be taken into account (Curran et al., 1999).

Make it colorful!

GenoProof Mixtures supports raw data analysis of fsa and hid files from 6-dye test kits. Make use of an additional purple panel next to blue, green, yellow, red, and orange for maximized discrimination power.

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